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Sandwich bun
pão beira 95
pão beira 53
pão da beira 35
pão da beira 126
pão da casa comprido
pão da casa redondo
water buns
alambique buns
big sliced
white sliced
home style sliced
corn bread
milk buns
multi grain
portuguese papperoni buns
ham and cheese
bacon and cheese
meat,tomato sauce and cheese
ham and cheese puff pastry
sausage,cheese and ham
tuna pasty
chicken pasty
home style pizza
snack pizza
ham pizza
hawaiian pizza
pepperoni pizza
tona pizza
portuguese custard
leaf squash and cinnamon
apple puff
almond puff
apple jam puff
sweet eggs
cherry pie
portuguese donut
rice cake
portuguese custard
coconut bread
bean pasty
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